iHerb discount code annual sale schedule

Why is iHerb so cheap

Wait!! Hold on a minute on that shopping cart. You may be able to get it even cheaper.

Special sales are not the only way to save money at iHerb.
Promo codes are issued quite often throughout the year, and there are regular promotions for certain months and seasons.

In this article, I will predict the annual discount promo code for 2022 based on iHerb’s past sales and research when the best deals is.

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iHerb promo code January new year sale

iHerb promo code January new year sale

The first sale of the New Year has a crazy deal that certain category items are half off without a promo code.

Then there is a 15% off sale where 【 NEWYEAR15 】 promo code is issued.

iHerb discount code February valentine sale

iHerb promo code vday23

We have an annual Valentine’s Day sale in February. The promo code is “VDAY●●”.
The “●●” is the last two digits of the year.
2022 was VDAY22, so I can expect 【 VDAY23 】. The discount rate is a little less than 14%.

iHerb Promo Code March International Women’s Day

The first week of March is the International Women’s Day Sale and 20% off Beauty, Bath, and Personal Care products with no promo code required. You can fill in a referral code for more 5% off as no promo code is used.
My referral code is 【 BFR5889 】 If you need it, please fill it in. You will get a total of 25% discount.

iHerb Promo Code March 23iherb

And for 2022, there was a Super Blowout Sale (site-wide 22% off) for the second weekend only. The promo code was “22IHERB.”
If they do it again in 2023,the promo code is [23IHERB], the 23% off could happen.

iHerb Promo Code April Daily Sale

iHerb Promo Code April

According to past promotions, there was a site-wide 20% off promo in the second week. The code is [SITEWIDE60] and applies to purchases of over $60.

And in the third week through May, 20% discount is applied to purchases of certain brands and categories on a daily basis with no promo code required. Since no promo code is used, you can get an additional 5% discount if you fill in a referral code. My referral code is [BFR5889], so please fill it in if you need it. You will get a total of 25% discount.

iHerb Promo Code April savebig20

In addition, a promo code of [SAVEBIG20] will be issued at the end of the daily sale and 20% off will be applied for all items.

iHerb Promo Code May Sale App Only

iHerb Promo Code May Sale App Only

There is a 20% discount when you shop through the smartphone app.
The promo code is [SHOPAPP]. If you fill out this code on the computer screen, it will not apply, so if you normally only shop from your PC, please install the app and fill it out on the app screen.

iHerb Promo Code May spersale

iHerb discount code June

There is no big sale in Jun.

iHerb discount code July

iHerb discount code July sitewide80

iHerb discount code August

iHerb discount code August wellnes15
iHerb discount code 15August

iHerb promo code September Anniversary Sale

iHerb promo code September Anniversary Sale iherb26

September is the month that iHerb was founded in 1996, and every year it holds its anniversary sale.
Similar to the daily sale in April, a specific brand or category is designated each day, and discounts are applied to site-wide products on the last day.
The promo code for 2022 is [IHERB26] for 26% off, and for 2023, [IHERB27] is expected to be 27% off.

The daily sale in April was 20% off with no promo code required, and a total of 25% off could be applied by filling out a referral code.
The 2022 anniversary sale is the 26th anniversary of the company’s founding, so the discount rate is 26% off, and a promo code is issued for each daily sale, which cannot be combined with a referral code.

Since 2022 will be the 26th anniversary of the founding of the company, a promo code with a discount rate of 26% off is issued for each daily sale. The following is a list of past promo code issuance results that may be issued in the future.

Daily Promo Code

26IMMUNE Immunity Supplement
26SUPP All Supplement Products (3-days Weekend)
26BEAUTY Beauty products
26VISION Digital life concerns
26HAIR Hair care products
26ANTI Anti-aging products
26SELECT 4 popular brands -NOW Foods, Doctor’s Best, California Gold Nutrition, Super Nutrition- (3-days weekend)
26GROCERY Grocery, Home, & Pet products
26BABY Baby and Kids products
26CARE Bone, Skin, Hair, & Nails
26MEN Mens health and grooming
26BATH Bath and Personal care (3-days weekend)
26ANTIOX Anti-oxidant products
26SKIN Skin care products
26HEALTH Brain, Heart, Gut, & Health concerns
26SPORTS Sports and workout related
SITEWIDE26 Sitewide all products (3-days weekend)
26MED Oral care and Medicine cabinet
26VITA Vitamins products
26HERBS Homeopathic culinary herbs
26SELF Beauty Self Care
26FAV 26 kinds Favorite Brands products (3-days weekend)
26SUPER Super food products
26ADAPT Adaptogen supplements
26EYE Eye help related products
26BRAIN Brain-help products
26MAKEUP Makeup and cosmetics
26COL Collagen supplements
26HONEY Manuka honey products
26DIGEST Intestinal and digestive aid products
26NFS Natural Factors products
26NOW NOW FOODS Products

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iHerb discount code October

There will be no major sales in October, since we had a big anniversary sale in September and have big sales coming up in November and December.

iHerb discount code October 15well

In the past, a 15% discount promo was offered at the end of the month.

iHerb discount code November Black Friday Sale

In China, November 11 is famous for celebrating people who are not in relationships as Bachelors’ Day.
The promo code is [SINGLESDAY]. The discount rate is 22%.

In the United States, Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November, and the following day, Friday, is called Black Friday as a metaphor for the surplus of various stores.

iHerb also holds daily sales during the week of Thanksgiving, a Black Friday sale on the weekend, and a Cyber Monday sale on the following Monday.

Promo codes are “BF●●●●” or “CYBER●●●●” where ●●●● is the year. This year, expect 20% off with “BF2022” and 15% off with “CYBER2022“.

iHerb discount code December

December will feature the same daily sales that take place in April and September.
Each day a promo code will be issued and the discount rate is 20% off.

iHerb discount code December winter15

Thereafter, a 15% off promo code will be issued for purchases of $60 or more.

Summary iHerb How to shop for the lowest price by promo code

Looking at the annual promo schedule, I think the cheapest time to shop is the anniversary sale in September. I think it will go up by 1% for the 30th anniversary in the future.

The next cheapest time to shop is the daily sale in April, when you can get 25% off with a referral code.

International Women’s Day on March 8 is 25% off using the rewards code, although only beauty products are eligible.
Super Blowout Sale on March is 22% off
Bachelor’s Day(Singles’ Day)on November 11 is 22% off
The above sales are noteworthy with discounts of 20% or more.

Of course, even without using the promo code, there are occasions when special sales are offered on certain brands and categories where you can shop at 30-80% off.
In that case, I hope you will use the rewards code [BFR5889] to save an additional 5% off your purchase.

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