iHerb first time promo code not be applied,The best solution

iHerb has frequent campaigns anytime and anywhere, so you can buy it cheaply, but if you don’t know it, you’ll lose a lot when you buy it for the first time.

When you use iHerb for the first time, I want you to take advantage of the absolute first order code, so I’m going to tell you what to do if the coupon or first time promo code is not applied, and the best way to shop at a great price.

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iHerb First Order Code 2022

The code for first-time purchases issued this year is 【 22NEW 
It’s 22% discount applies.

If the above code has been expired, you can use【 NEWIHERB20 】.
It’s 20% discount applies worldwide.

26NEW 】has been issued for only one month in September 2022 .
Get 26% discount with this promo code!

The reason iHerb first time promo coded isn’t applied

iherb first time promo code

Even if you guys put the above code in the promo code field, it is not be applied! It seems that so many people are in trouble, but I can think of one point.

Have you cancelled your purchase at least once since you made process of the purchase?

Even if you cancel in the iHerb system, the cancellation will remain in the purchase history.
So, when you are not used to using the system, you may cancel a few times, but that will be judged as your purchase history and the first time promo code will no longer be applied.

This applies not only to first time purchases, but also to trial products.
I added a trial product to my cart and canceled it once, but the next time I put the same trial product in my cart on my next purchase, it did not get the trial price.

At that time, I contacted customer service and was told that Cancellations are also recorded in the purchase history, so the system does not apply. They told me, “After you complete the payment, contact customer service with your order number and we will apply the discounted price.”

So, if you cannot use the first time promo code, please contact customer service after you have made the purchase and ask if the discount is not applied. They will always give you the discount.
And be sure to apply a referral code to your purchase.

If you forget to enter a referral code and make a purchase without applying a discount, you contact customer service about applying for a discount later, but please note that they will not respond to your request.

Promo codes can be applied later, but referral codes cannot be applied in the system, so I do recommend that you make a habit of filling in a referral code first.

Here’s the story, which will change depending on the customer service representative.

Even if you can’t use your first order code, you can use some referral code and get a 5% discount first.
If you’d like, you can use my referral code here. 【 BFR5889 
After the purchase, you contact customer service with your order number and ask, “I was unable to use my first time promo code. Can I get a discount?”

Then, a person in charge will contact you and say, “We will apply the discount for the first time purchase.” Depending on the person in charge, some will give you a 22% discount, while others will give you a 17% discount since the 5% discount of referral code has already been applied.
If it goes well,, you will receive a 27% discount, so you should always apply the referral code before making your first purchase.

I consider myself not a complainer,LOL. I believe that we should push through the non-negotiables. Surprisingly, the customer service representatives at iHerb are very accepting.
These are my experiences. I hope it helps you.

iHerb Latest Promo Coupon Information

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